Practical how-to guidance for operating your homeowners association

You are about to create a $30,000 - to - $50,000 set of manuals, forms and essential tools customized for your Homeowners Association!

Homeowners Association SoftwareA for-profit corporation could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars for operations manuals and management tools of this caliber—and then only after committing hundreds of thousands accumulating the experience and knowledge embodied within them.

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Experts agree, ProAccess' Homeowners Association Directors‘ Survival Kit is the one essential investment every homeowners association should make.

Your Homeowners Association Directors‘ Survival Kit includes materials to produce the very management tools experts recommend every homeowners association have—professional-caliber, expertly authored Directors‘ Handbook, Residents‘ Handbook, Committees‘ Handbook and other materials—attractively bound for each director, with handsomely-designed cover and spine inserts. And they‘ll be customized for your homeowners association with profile information you provide on a convenient form!

Handbooks created from your Directors' Survival Kit will provide essential orientation for new Directors and guidance for all Board members as fiduciaries in operating your association in the interest of its members, keeping them informed and promoting their participation.

Easily create your own Directors‘, Committees‘ and Residents‘ handbooks

By effectively sharing the cost with many other homeowners associations, for a low one-time cost, you can have the same proven management technologies used by successful business for your homeowners association. Stop having to reinvent the wheel and acquire essential operations manuals embodying decades of experience.

Your purchase of the Homeowners Association Directors‘ Survival Kit truly will be one of the most important investments your Association will ever make. And as the volunteer using the Kit and editing the files it generates, you will be making an immeasurable contribution to your community‘s future.

Your documents will be created in standard Microsoft® Word® format, so you can update and modify them all you like to optimize them for your association— forever! Include material you‘ve already developed, like rules, architectural guidelines, policies, or use the included examples to get you started. Of course, tabbed section dividers also are included for your existing documents, such as your Declaration (CC&R‘s), Bylaws, etc.

See what you'll receive with your Kit.


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Perfect for an association just starting out or reorganizing — or for that individual with the leadership skills to recognize “It’s time for our Board to get its act together!” Finally, practical how-to guidance and tools for operating your homeowners association—your business! You’ll wish you’d had this years ago.

Have a look at the Directors‘ Handbook—just one of a number of files you‘ll get.


A substantial though hidden cost for you is the time you spend educating your Board members and dealing with consequences of directors who don’t know what they’re doing. When are you going to do something about that?

Make your company stand out at your next prospective-client presentation by offering something your competition doesn’t (yet). Imagine how your competition will look when you offer the Kit as part of your package*... Show the Board your attractive, professionally-designed Directors‘ Binders with materials they wished they‘d had years ago. The account is yours.


When you see this, you‘ll think to yourself, “It‘s about time!” Essential, how-to information about light-of-day requirements, notice requirements, rules creation and uniform enforcement, due process, architectural control administration, keeping records of minutes, resolutions and policies, the importance of having and working with you, their attorney, and many other important topics. Have a look.

Deliver your next CC&R‘s, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and developer‘s package* bound in the attractive Directors‘ Binder, which includes two tabs reserved for your use entitled CC&R‘s and Articles & Bylaws.

You really should see this.


After your attorney prepares the Declaration and Bylaws, you still need to setup and organize your new homeowners association. That’s what this Kit is for. It will provide essential infrastructure and orient new directors how to actually operate their association.

When the time comes to turn management over to the homeowners, what happens to your new community may be determined by the decision you make now. Considering the copious resources, headaches and millions of dollars you have invested in creating your new community, how can you afford not to make such a modest investment to help protect its value?


At the core of the included Residents‘ Handbook is an example development Master Plan derived from an award-winning plan developed in conjunction with one of the most highly-reputed planning departments in the country, Mountain View, California— in the heart of Silicon Valley. These example architectural standards can be adapted to the character of a particular development, helping to better-ensure compliance with zoning and development standards and maintaining an attractive neighborhood.

For Planning Departments that provide our brochure to developers or HOA‘s, we can integrate material you provide us (in Word® or PDF format) for all Kits ordered from developers or others for developments in your City.


Imagine presenting your work product in one all-inclusive, professionally designed package that also includes the essential how-to guides you know every homeowners association needs.

Your material will be included in the handbooks the association may be using for decades, and your name will remain part of this permanent tool set, with invaluable visibility should your services be required again.

Imagine how your presentations will compare with your competition who doesn‘t use the Directors‘ Survival Kit! (And imagine how yours would compare now with your competition who does!)


*With an initial order for five or more Kits, we can create a special configuration that will automatically integrate your own material (Word® format) in those and subsequent orders.