Customized Microsoft Word® files

You will receive standard Microsoft Word® files, precustomized with information you provide on this web site. Your files will comprise a complete set of management tools that HOA professionals recommend every association have—professional-caliber, expertly authored Directors' Handbooks, Residents' Handbooks, Committees' Handbooks and other files.

You can modify your files as you like to further optimize them for your association. Then, print them out and make copies to insert into your Directors' Binders. The other materials included will organize the documents you produce into five binders —one for each director.

(Add-paks are available for creating additional binders.)


Binder cover and spine inserts

(5 per Kit)

Also included in your Kit materials are these cover and spine inserts, to give your directors' binders that finished, professional look. The oversized inserts can be cut down to fit any popular-sized customizable binders (you supply), available at any office-supply store. (We recommend purchasing white, 2-inch D- or slant-ring customizable binders that will allow room for you to add material in the future.) A window cutout allows you to display any artwork, photo, logo or text you choose on your covers. (Cutout is 3.5" x 5".)

Spine and cover binder inserts

Meeting Notes Tablets

(5 per Kit)

Your Director's Binder is intended to be genuinely useful at meetings—so a meeting notes tablet is included to help ensure you will be able to comply with your Bylaws requirement to document meetings and generate accurate minutes.


Quick Reference, Parliamentary Procedures

(5 per Kit)

A durable, laminated quick reference to Rules of Parliamentary Procedure for Community Associations may help you to meet state requirements governing adoption of rules of parliamentary procedure by Common Interest Developments. An overview summary of procedure is on the front. A convenient table of specific motions on the back will help you to quickly locate and correctly make any of over thirty motions.

Parliamentary procedure reference cards

Binder Document Pocket Inserts

(5 per Kit)

At meetings you must have your current business documents with youdocuments such as minutes, agendas, bids and reports. This two-sided binder pocket accommodates these documents up front for convenient access.

Binder document carriers

Tabbed dividers

(5 sets per Kit)

In a meeting you must be able to access information quickly. These mylar-reinforced tabbed dividers are organized as two rows of five tabs each for a total of ten tabbed sections for each of five binders. The two-sided tabs are labeled:

  • Directors' Handbook
  • Committees' Handbook
  • Residents' Handbook
  • Periodic Calendar
  • Policies & Resolutions
  • Articles & Bylaws
  • CC&R'S
  • CID/HOA Industry
  • Reference & Misc.
  • and a tenth unlabled tab is also included for your own use.

Binder tab sets

Support and Project Assistance

Kits are designed to allow anyone with reasonable facility with the Microsoft Word® word processor program to edit the documents. For those requiring assistance, we are ready to help at reasonable rates. We can assist you with word processing, editing, formatting, printing final proofs or other help. Whether providing advice over the telephone, entering your association's profile information or editing your files per your direction, ProAccess is at your service!

Consulting available