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Directors' Handbook

Includes the following...

As a new director, where do you start? The Directors' Orientation section includes key concepts a new director should know when starting out as well as practical "how to" information and suggested activities.

Every director must know the mission and responsibilities of the Board of Directors of a common interest development (CID). Your orientation will explain this.

Every director should be aware of the Business, Legal and Social environments of a common interest development.

Practical aspects of Board meetings and group dynamics help your directors know what to expect and to meet their responsibilities for ensuring productive meetings.

What does each director actually do? Suggested example responsibilitiy assignments for each officer and director are included for managing your Association.

Directors must be familiar with the assets of the community, including management resources.

The Directors' Topics section is a good place for you to include new material and articles that you write. Seven key topics are already included for the regular meeting agenda, annual meeting, annual report, activities tracking and rules creation and enforcement.

Committees' Handbook

Committees are an important means for involving members in essential activities. This section discusses what all directors should know about managing committee relationships and activities.

Charters are vital for important committees to ensure their missions are well-defined and avoid misunderstandings. Example charters for various committees are included as well as related forms and materials.

The Architectural Committee assists the Board in overseeing and regulating exterior changes owners may wish to make. A discussion on administration by this important committee is included along with example forms and letters. An example master plan with standards also is located in the Residents' Handbook, based upon a real, award-winning master plan..

The Budget Committee assists the Board in managing the budget and finances of the Association.

The Board Advisory Committee can help you to recapture the benefits of experience of former Board members.

The Grounds and Maintenance Committee assists the Board in monitoring common and private maintenance and general appearance of the development.

The Parking and Vehicle Regulation Committee addresses one of the most common problems. In addition to the discussion, forms are included for Courtesy Reminders and vehicle rule violation notices.

The Rules Committee assists your Board in proposing, developing and evaluating rules and changes to rules. It also may assist in the hearing process.

The Contracts Committee assists your Board in reviewing and evaluating written contracts with and performance of your services vendors.

The Awards Committee charter includes an example award you can use to create awards to recognize noteworthy contributions by your members.

The Newsletter & Website Committee (with example newsletter) is a vital organ. The newsletter and website are the faces of the association and may be the principal means by which the Board communicates with residents.

Additional example charters are included for Executive Committee, Nominating Committee and Social Committee. And you may add additional charters.

Residents' Handbook

Your Residents' Handbook contains rules and other information important for every resident. It also explains the architectural application and review process.

(This example shows how including your own photos can add color and interest to warm your Residents' Handbook and make it more attractive.)

The introduction sets a tone that fosters neighbor-to-neighbor cooperation and understanding about what a homeowners association is all about. Countless problems typically experienced often are the result of misunderstandings by residents about what a homeowners association is. This is carefully explained, along with the roles and responsibilities of members and their relationships with those taking their turns on the Board and committees. The relationship of one's home with common area is explained.

A section is included for answers to commonly asked questions that informs residents about whom to contact with questions and concerns about a variety of issues.

Your ability to enforce rules is predicated upon prominent notice of them. Example rules are included covering a variety of common problems such as Pets and Animals, Parking, Noise, Hazardous Materials on Premises, Signs, Residential Business and Renting/Leasing.

Another common source for problems is misunderstandings about architectural controls. The architectural review process is carefully explained. Carefully crafted architectural standards are essential for enforcement and successful protection of your property values.

Example architectural standards and review process forms are included. This section by itself will likely save your association far more than the price of the Directors' Survival Kit. Every Association should have tools like these for administering a sound architectural review process. In addition to example standards for your type of association, example letters and forms are included for application, investigation worksheet, action tracking, notice of action, and appeal. Detailed descriptions are included for their use.

Policies Section

This section provides a place for you to save policies and important resolutions that must be permanently recorded and observed by future Boards. A set of basic example policies is included that you may wish to adopt.

Periodic Calendar

Your Periodic Calendar will help to ensure future Boards attend to those tasks and activities that should occur on a periodic basis. Your calendar is customized from information you will provide in your association's profile.

Other Binder Tabbed Sections

Articles & Bylaws — This tabbed section is included for your existing Association Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, prepared when your Association was formed.

CC&R's — This tabbed section is included for your existing Association Declaration, also sometimes referred to as Covenants Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R's), prepared when your Association was formed.

CID/HOA Industry — You can save material here that you get from such reputable organizations as Community Associations Institute or Executive Council of Home Owners.

Also included is a tab entitled Reference & Misc. as well as a blank tab for use as you like.

Binder Cover Window Art

Art to place behind the cover insert window. Includes the name of your association. Alternatively, you can use any art you choose.

Letterhead Template

Your president and committee chairs can use this letterhead for communicating with residents about association business.

Business Cards Template

You can create business cards for your directors and committee chairs to provide residents with contact information.
User's Guide Important information for creating your Directors' Binders.
Brochure Information for your directors to help in the purchasing decision.