Frequently-asked questions

What if I don't see the profile form on my screen?

In order to enter your association's profile information, you must have Flash® version 7 or later installed on your computer. (You can easily install the free Flash plug-in by clicking here.)

Why can't I edit the documents you sent me?

The proof documents you first receive after completing your profile are in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format and cannot be edited. However, upon payment you will recieve the fully editable Microsoft Word® versions of your documents.

What will you do with the information I provide?

The information you enter for your association's profile will never be disclosed to another party. It is used solely to produce customized documents for your association.

I work with homeowners associations professionally. How can I use this?

Glad you asked! We work with attorneys, managers, consultants, accountants, city planning departments and others in securing customized documents for their client associations and developments. And our new customizing engine enables us to take material you give us and have it integrated right into the documents—customized, if you wish, for the associations you work with. Imagine having one all-inclusive, professionally designed package that includes your own material, along with essential 'how-to' guides customized for the specific homeowners association. Just contact George Markle at

May I also use the files for another association?

You probably already know the answer to this question. :-) As for any intellectual property like software, a book or recording, it is copyrighted and licensed to only a single homeowners association. When you consider the one-time cost relative to the likely savings and return-on-investment, I think you'll conclude it is already an extremely reasonable investment—and I have to make a living too!

Can I use any computer to enter my association's profile information?

Yes. Any computer using a modern browser (version 7 or greater) and upon which you have installed Flash® can be used. (You can install the free Flash plug-in by clicking here.) Information you enter is stored on your computer so you won't have to enter it again should you decide to leave and return later before submitting it. Therefore, you will only see this information on the computer you entered it with. That is, you cannot start to enter the information on one computer, then switch to a different computer to complete the information. You must use the same computer to complete the forms.

Do I still have to download software or obtain a CD to create association documents?

No. Since the latest version of the kit allows you to enter your association's profile information directly on the web site for immediate submission, it is no longer necessary to have or download software or obtain a CD.